Your continued good health deserves undivided attention. CurrentCare makes it happen.

A family sitting together.


Your medical information at your fingertips. CurrentCare connects you to better health through a secure healthcare bank to:

  • Organize all personal medical information for individuals to access through CurrentCare for Me.
  • Open communication between providers and individuals through shared access of health information.
  • Provide better care for Rhode Islanders.

CurrentCare for ME

CurrentCare for Me collects your medical information from multiple providers – Primary care, specialists, hospitals, pharmacies – any practitioner utilizing CurrentCare – and puts it in one safe place. For You!

  • Data is displayed from the time you signed on as a member of CurrentCare.
  • Review your multiple doctors’ records
  • Track and double-check your medications
  • Look up Lab/Test results such as blood work, X-rays, MRIs, scans
  • Download and send your records to caregivers or family members


Once you’re enrolled in CurrentCare, you can stay in direct contact with your own healthcare through CurrentCare for Me to:

  • Better manage your care
  • Be an advocate for family members
  • Avoid duplicate tests and procedures to save time and money
  • Avoid prescription errors

CurrentCare for Me offers you peace of mind in knowing you can access your medical information online 24/7 - from anywhere.

Need assistance or have questions? We are here to help. Have a look at our FAQ page or email us at

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