CurrentCare for Me

CurrentCare for Me provides accurate, detailed information about laboratory results, imaging test results, medications and visits to healthcare facilities in and around Rhode Island. This resource provides an opportunity to engage in your healthcare with up-to-date information and can help you track your own labs and other health changes.

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Add a Designee

A mother and daughterYou can choose to have other individuals (called “designees”) access your record. If you have a loved one who supports your health management, such as dealing with a new health condition that requires medication changes, new treatments or lifestyle changes, CurrentCare for Me can be a tool that helps you and your loved one access the data you need.

You choose your designees and allow them the benefit of having full access to your CurrentCare for Me Personal Health Record.    

There are 2 ways to add a designee:

  • To add a designee online, simply log into your CurrentCare for Me account, go to "My Account," "Manage Designees" and "Add a Designee."
  • To add a designee via a paper form, click here for instructions

Enable Designee Alerts

Allerts Audience ChartSign Up for Peace of Mind with CurrentCare Designee Alerts

Designees can opt to receive Alerts (via text or email) that provide near real-time information if you need to go to a hospital. With Designee Alerts, your loved ones will know when you need help and care!

Your designee will receive Alerts when:

  • You are admitted and discharged from participating hospitals and skilled nursing facilities

Getting Designee Alerts is EASY

  • Assign Your Designee(s): Complete the CurrentCare for Me Designee form, providing full access to your CurrentCare for Me Personal Health Record.
  • Enable Designee Alerts: Activate Alerts by logging into your CurrentCare for Me account (then click on My Account > Manage Designees > Edit Alerts).

Tip: You can assign multiple people to receive your CurrentCare Designee Alerts, for example, each adult child may wish to receive this information for their parent(s).

If you have questions or need assistance with setting up your designee alerts, please contact our CurrentCare support team at or 888-858-4815.