Rhode Island providers give you the 411 on CurrentCare.

Written Testimonials

Thomas A Bledsoe MD, FACP

"At Governor Street, we are convinced that using CurrentCare will allow more effective and efficient medical care for our patients. As my patients’ primary care provider, it is critical that I have access to the medical care they have received from others within the health care system. By being able to replace outdated and unsecured fax machines and paper mail, CurrentCare is both more secure and more efficient than previous systems. CurrentCare is a valuable technology that has already provided value to my patients and to me as a healthcare provider."

Thomas A Bledsoe MD, FACP
University Medicine
Providence, RI

Sajid Choudhry, MD

“CurrentCare is a great tool.  A key to its success is patient enrollment. So, it is just a matter of getting people signed up. At Gateway, we are actively enrolling patients. I’d say 90% of the patients I see are encouraged to sign on and are on board. I am an advocate of CurrentCare and think its benefits are great.”

Sajid Choudhry, MD
Gateway Health Care, Inc.
Johnston, RI

Gregory Steinmetz, MD

“Hospital follow-up is already a lot easier.  We now get rapid notification from the hospitals when a patient is discharged.  No longer do we rely on inconsistent faxes. My staff is able to quickly contact patients regarding hospital follow-up, and lab results are readily available through the CurrentCare system. My staff is finding CurrentCare easy to use. Of course, the system only works if the patient opts in.  We have intensified our process to recruit patients to sign up for the system. My staff assists patients in filling out the forms, so that the patient needs only to sign.”

Gregory Steinmetz, MD
Family Physician
Associates in Primary Care Medicine
Warwick, RI

Betty Vohr, MD

“At Women & Infants Hospital, CurrentCare has proven valuable by providing the current, complete healthcare record for our high-risk patients. It provides up to date information about care received from other providers, pharmacies and facilities across the state. CurrentCare provides value to my high risk patients and to me as a health care provider and medical director of a multidisciplinary health care team caring for a vulnerable population of infants and children.”

Betty Vohr, MD
Medical Director
Neonatal Follow-up Program
Professor of Pediatrics
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Women & Infants Hospital
Providence, RI

Bethany Gingerella, RN & NREMT Paramedic

“Within days of beginning to use CurrentCare Viewer, we had an emergency care situation where a patient was unable to tell EMTs what medications she was taking. The EMTs were able to quickly look up the patient’s medication list in CurrentCare and were then able to make better informed care decisions on the spot.”

Bethany Gingerella, RN & NREMT Paramedic
Chief, Westerly Ambulance
Westerly, RI

Benjamin Marks, Scribe Program Manager

"A patient went through surgery and we were concerned they would need additional follow-up care. The patient had a medical test conducted for the same condition a few days before at a different facility, but they could not remember their results. Because it was the weekend, the other facility's medical records office was closed and we were unable to have them send the patient's information. By using CurrentCare Viewer, we were able to look up the patient's previous test results and avoid conducting a duplicate test."


Benjamin Marks, Scribe Program Manager
Rhode Island Hospital Emergency Department
Hasbro Children's Hospital Emergency Department
The Miriam Hospital Emergency Department
Providence, RI


Video Testimonials

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